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“Every location has its sweet spot”, a popular saying which explains it all. This goes to say that no matter the venue you choose, it definitely can come alive. However, the choice of venue makes, probably, the biggest impact on your wedding.

The good thing is, the days when weddings were limited to a few locations are long gone. Now, there are a wide range of beautiful options to choose from. And that’s where the problem is — picking the perfect venue.

What are some of the things to consider? Proximity? Size? Utilities? Ambience? Don’t sweat it — that’s why we are here! Below, we have some tips to help you decide which grounds to hold that dream wedding on.

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1. Get your timeline right

The first thing to consider when picking a venue is cross-checking your date. “If you are particular when it comes to the venue, the earlier the better”, famous wedding planner, Wendy Kay, advises. Usually, great venues get booked up 12-18 months in advance — so if you have a place in mind, you better start making enquiries fast!

2. Know your theme

The theme of your wedding is another underlying factor for deciding where it’d happen. A modern wedding is more of an indoor thing, with options like well-designed restaurant, or boutique hotel spaces. Whereas if you prefer a natural setting, a beach, a garden or a ranch would work perfectly. But remember to have a backup, in the event of rain — though that’s twice the work!

3. The guest size

Knowing the number of guests, or at least a range, makes it easier to pick a space. Not only does it help with the space, it also gives you an idea of how to plan with the other wedding vendors. A good indoor venue is ideal for a guest size of about 50-150, while an outdoor space works for a larger audience, assuming people invite other people.

4. Near or far

Proximity is certainly of essence when it comes to booking a venue. How mobile are you and your guests? If the answer is yes to both, then feel free to even have a destination wedding in the countryside. Make sure, though, to have some accomodation plans for your guests if this is your choice. However, if the answer is no, then you have to limit your options to places near, the church or the home for instance.

“A perfect location must be halfway to everywhere”

5. The workload

Finally, an idea of how much work is required to make a venue pop. Some venues come with the whole package — space, decor, seating and catering. However, others may not. How then do you plan to handle this? You’d need to plan for decoration, food, drinks, waiter services, cleaning services, perhaps even more. In such a situation, a distant wedding may not work. Yet if you are willing and can afford to put in the work, go for it!

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