Joan & Nii: Their Perfect Plan


Everything doesn’t go according to plan. No, especially not at fun events. Yet again, your event is set for failure if there’s no planning at all. In fact, it’s often said that ‘plans are nothing; and planning is everything’!

While food, drink, decor,outfits and logistics are well-catered for during the process, people overlook the order of events. Receptions and wedding parties last longer than the ceremony itself. So what exactly happens after the wedding ceremony? And how does it happen?

It is true that the Master of Ceremonies is usually in charge of activities. But he or she can mess it all up if you do not provide a proper guideline to run by. Therefore, you should pen down some ideas with your wedding planner and officially hand them to your MC, before the party starts.

“Breaking down your entire wedding day timeline helps you stay organized and on-track when the day arrives”

Here, we have a sample five-hour wedding reception timeline, to help keep things in check on your special day.

When the timeline is perfect, you can get enough time to ‘boogie down’ like Joan & Nii did 🙂



Firstly, you’d have to relinquish all power to the Master of Ceremonies (MC). They know how to run the party! You only need to make sure they have a printed copy of activities.

Now to the activities:

1. Seating of Guests

The couple is usually the first to leave the wedding ceremony, for a photoshoot. The guests follow, and head straight to the venue for the reception. At this point, your wedding planner or trusted relative/ friend should be making sure guests are ushered in and seated properly. If there’s a cocktail hour, this time is apportioned for it. Again, guests can make their way to the gift table during this period.

2. Bride & Groom Arrival

Right after the (30-minutes max.) photo session for the couple, the seated guests await their arrival. At this time, the wedding party/train should be well prepared to line up behind them. The MC can either announce the entry or leave it as a surprise feature. All the same, this must not take longer than ten (10) minutes.

3. The First Dance

Immediately the grand entrance is done, the first dance follows. While this is one of the special moments, too much time should not be spent on it. A maximum of fifteen minutes, then on to the next activity.

4. Welcome Speech/ Prayer

Often made by the groom or bride’s father is the welcome speech. A one-minute welcome to warm everyone up for the joyous reception it’s meant to be. A short prayer must also be said to set the ball rolling.

5. Music interlude

During the period food is being set up, the DJ can take over and keep guests entertained with some music. Drinks or finger foods can also be shared while this is ongoing.

6. Food time

There’s no need holding on to the food for long. As soon as it’s ready, the MC can beckon the couple to get the first serving. After this, the guests, in an orderly fashion, can go get theirs too.

7. More music and ‘shots’

Shots in this case refers to photography. When everyone is well satisfied, everything goes on smoother. The couple can now make rounds to each table to see if everything is okay. They get together with friends for pictures, videos and others as well.

8. Toasts to the couple

The music should end at some point to give way for special toasts to the couple. Champagne should be popped and shared among the guests. The best man, maid of honor, relatives or friends can now go on with their emotional stories, and well wishes for the couple.

9. PARTY time!

When the emotional time ends, the party begins! If there are any musical performances, dance battles/ special choreographies, make sure to introduce them before the real partying starts. After all that, the DJ can do his thing with the music.

10. Time for the cake

As the saying goes, “a party without cake is just a meeting”. So while the adrenaline is still fresh, get everyone in place for the cutting of the cake.

11. Concluding messages or Vote of Thanks

As soon as the cake is out of the way, it means the party is reaching its climax. The designated person can now read out the vote of thanks in as quick as five (5) minutes, coupled with a closing prayer to conclude the entire ceremony.

12. Don’t stop the party!

No proper activity follows after the prayers have been said. So don’t waste the music! Let loose and have fun with your guests and family for as long as you can. And when does it end?

Whether you choose to party forever, lol, and then make a grand exit; or sneak out for some alone time, the moment guests realize you’re no longer there is usually when the party is over.

But remember, it all depends on how long you rented the venue for 😉




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