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And she said yes!!

HOW YOUR PRE-WEDDING SHOOT SHOULD LOOK LIKE Pre-wedding shoots have gradually taken over the traditional framework of Ghanaian marriages. Everyone just has to have one, it's almost a necessity. So we find people being creative with their shoots and we must say, Kudos...

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A Match Made in Heaven

THE QUEEN OF KWABENA'S HEART 'Men don't usually share their feelings'. Yeah that's what I thought...but a queen doesn't walk into your life everyday. So for this queen I'm ready to go all out, putting all my 'manliness' aside. And desperately hoping my friends don't...

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Pre-Wedding Glam

THE WEDDING BEFORE THE WEDDING The big day for Akua is drawing closer. Soon, these two-lovebirds would become one forever. But first, the world has to know about their new union. Their friends, families, colleagues, acquintances and even haters (lol) have...

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A Prom like no other

THAT ONE DAY OF SCHOOL WE LOVE Proms are very special. It is that one day when you finally put it all on the table. It's do or die! Imagine living through years of school, secretly crushing on one person, or maybe two lol. You are probably thinking at the...

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