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Pre-wedding shoots have gradually taken over the traditional framework of Ghanaian marriages. Everyone just has to have one, it’s almost a necessity. So we find people being creative with their shoots and we must say, Kudos to our photographers. But then again, it’s Ghana and people copy…A LOT. Therefore, in this article, you’d find some pretty decent and fresh ideas you can replicate in your upcoming pre-wedding photoshoots. Let’s dig in!

Vanessa said YES to the man of her dreams


1. A lit night

Not to be taken literally! A lit night in this context doesn’t mean a night out with alcohol and music. We only mean a night filled with light. Think about it–everyone is having their shoot in the daytime, so to be different, do yours at night. Try a shoot where you can count stars or watch the moonlight or even pose near a lamp lol. Great and creative photographers can pull this off.

2. Mini-me’s

There’s nothing more interesting than a miniature version of yourself. Plus they are oneof the newest trends in 2018. Spice up your album with mini-you’s *wink*. Again, get a creative photographer for this.

3. Mimic a movie

Now this seems like an extraordinary one, but with a ‘reasonable’ photographer and a ‘realistic’ imagination, you can pull this off at an affordable cost. Think about a movie you both love and act out the lead roles. Or it could even be your favorite music couple–for instance, you and your spouse can play Jay and Bey’s look from the On-the-Run tour.

4. Raindrops, drop tops.

Having a photoshoot in the rain is fun. Plus movies have made us believe it’s one of the heights of romance. Get ready to get wet!

5. Friends and fun

Throw in some originality by adding your friends to your pre-wedding shoot. Break the cliche and make that photo crowded. All the goofyness can add a different spice to the outcome of the shoot 😀

6. A trip to the other side

How about a boat ride? Or horseback riding? Or a destination with wildlife? A photo with a beautiful lake or landscape in the background is definitely romantic.

7. A pinch of tradition

It’s been a while a pre-wedding shoot with traditional outfits popped up on the gram. Maybe you can bring that back by going depicting your roots for just one day. And the ideas are unlimited in this regard!

8. Go sporty

It could be any of the hobbies you both enjoy– cooking, watching a movie, dancing, playing video games etc. But ideally a shoot at the gym, or on the basketball court or even on the football pitch is catchier. Whichever sport unites you two is bound to make the photos look unique, natural and fresh.

9. Find a place of Heritage

Heritage spots have a lot of meaning. Imagine a shoot at the Cape Coast Castle, Manhyia Castle or Ussher Fort… superb right? You can even blend this with a traditional outfit and you’d be good to go!

10. The Proposal

Lastly, you can take the easiest way out by just planning a shoot as part of your surprise proposal– just like our featured couple did. But make sure to have your spouse all dressed up– hire a makeup artiste/ stylist as part of the package, or she’d never forgive you for doing a shoot with her not ready lol.



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