Contours By Valerie Lawson BEAUTY STUDIO ( CVL BEAUTY)

ContoursGH by Valerie Lawson is a creative and talented makeup & hair artist brand, which believes in the power of makeup as a beautifying, transformative and enhancing tool and has turned it into a thriving business, which young ladies aspire to. Valerie’s respect for time, technique, application and understanding of the message that needs to be emphasized in front of the camera is what makes her work so unique.



VOLUME LASHES basically means how many single lashes you apply to one natural eyelash.



This technique was designed specifically to increase the volume / fullness of a set of lashes without adding more weight. This is the safest method of applying eyelash extensions. To give you an idea: instead of placing 1 x 0.20 lash on a natural lash, we would rather place 3-6 x 0.07 lashes and spread them into a fan. This creates a soft, fluffy and voluminous effect that clients love. This is not cluster / flair lashes. These hand made “fans” are placed on only one natural lash and weighs less than 1 x 0.20 extension.


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