Reynald & Thelma: Gift of Love


The act of giving is quite common at weddings lately. Guests give and couples return the favor. In fact, the latter has gained much popularity, and a lot of creativity is being attached to it now.
Yet, some people don’t have any idea why the wedding favors are so important to your special day. After all, the marriage in itself is a gift so why do guests need souvenirs too?

Well here’s the thing: You actually don’t need to give anything. But then again, think about it…
Wouldn’t it be nice to let your guests know that you are glad they are sharing your union with you?
Isn’t it necessary to remind your guests with a bit of you, even though you’re starting a new life with your spouse?

“Favors are a symbol of gratitude by the bride and groom and guests always appreciate favors”

Aside these reasons, wedding souvenirs and gifts add a beautiful touch to your wedding. If they are presented or displayed strategically, favors can serve as a welcome to guests, before the reception even begins.

With these in mind, you have to take your time when selecting which favors to give. You have to choose something that falls between a perfect reminder, and a useful gift. If your souvenirs are tacky, guests may end up dumping them in the corner of their home.

Making the choice is confusing, though. Here are a few ideas to help you.

Nothing to do with favors, but good shoes take you good places. Shot by @adonai_studios



Ensure that your hard-earned money doesn’t go down the drain by exploring some of these wonderful options:


1. Theme-related gifts

Every wedding has a theme. So you can narrow down your gift options to those that fit your wedding’s aura.

For instance, if you’re having a beach wedding, try souvenirs like starfish photo frames or polished sea shells with your initials engraved in them. These could pass for interior decoration. Or if you’re having a homey wedding, a set of beautiful napkins, or scented candles could do the trick.

Read our article on wedding themes.


2. Edibles

High quality after-meal snacks can be great choices, especially if you’re on a budget. Nice mini-chocolates or a pack of exotic cookies would be nice.


3. Alcohol

You can never go wrong with mini champagne bottles or airplane bottles of your favorite booze. Even better if you have “his and her” options so guests can pick their drink of choice.

Top it off with branded bottle openers or stoppers and you’ll be a forever memory!


4. Household items

These are very common in the Ghanaian setting. But remember that high quality is key.

Gift your guests with durable ceramic bowls, mason jars, aprons, water bottles, keyholders, laddles, chopping boards, diaries, pens, mugs etc. Don’t go over the top with the engraving and labeling, else they’d come off as tacky.

Just a subtle reminder like using initials or a catchy quote is enough.


5. Nature

Lastly, even though perishable, natural wedding gifts can reflect your personality in a refreshing way.

For instance, potted plants or hanging terrariums could do the trick. Except these kinds of favors tend to be expensive and are better suited to smaller sized weddings.


Favors represent your personality and your thoughtfulness as well. Don’t break your bank, but make them count!



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