Kweku & Beverly: Forever and a Day After


So many people are obsessed with their wedding. Can you blame them? isn’t it just refreshing for time to stop, while you relish the most special day of your life? It surely is. But merely eight hours later, you have to wake up and smell the coffee. The wedding is over…so what next?

Life after marriage is a very important topic; the reason for marriage counsellors. And these answers come in many forms. But we wouldn’t want to bore you with deep details on marriage —  the upsides and the downsides. Let’s just stick to the basics.

Here in this article, you’d find out the simplest but mandatory things you have to do soon after you become a Mr or Mrs.


Kweku and Beverly tying the knot at their beautiful ceremony.


Here’s the truth: Even after the wedding, there’s a lot of post-wedding logistics you need to sort out, to help you make a smooth transition to married life. So, look through this short to-do list to get you ready for your new forever.


1. Pay off vendors

Believe you me, most weddings end with unpaid debts and settlements. It could be to family, friends, or most commonly, vendors. Start your new life right by making sure you owe nobody. Get written confirmation from each vendor that the final payment has been processed. If you feel you need a payment plan, discuss it with the parties involved, not forgetting to put all agreements on paper. This way your mind is clear and you’d face no troubles.


2. Write “Thank You’s”

After your wedding, it is only courteous that you reach out to everyone who helped made it a success. Writing thank you notes shows your guests you appreciate them. So keep it simple. Stick to a few short, sincere sentences thanking them for attending your wedding and giving a gift. A beautiful thank you card with one of your best wedding pictures can be designed. And thanks to technology and messaging apps, one broadcast can reach all your guests at once —  cutting out all the hardwork. Remember to physically send one to the church too.


3. Choose wedding photos

Lots of photos would be taken on your special day and you need to find time to sort them all out. Contact friends and families who took authentic photos and videos with their phones, in order to create your personal phone collection. Then, meet up with photographers hired to pick out which ones to be printed for your photo album. It’s as easy as ABC, right? 😀


4. Sorting out gifts

Wedding gifts come in different forms; money or presents. You must therefore find some time to count it up, and open up boxes etc. You would need to do this yourself, while tallying gifts to givers, in case you want to send out ‘special’ thank you’s.

5. Change names on documents

This is probably the most tedious part of the post-wedding process. Marriage is more than a romantic union between you and the man/woman of your dreams. It’s also a legal agreement, and that means telling your financial institutions, your employer, and the many other companies you do business with about your new status.

Here are some of the documents you have to update as soon as you get married:

  • Social Security (SSNIT)
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Financial [ Bank, credit union, insurance, investment, employer’s payroll]
  • Voter’s ID [ if applicable]
  • Medical [ make sure to change emergency contacts to your spouse]
  • Legal i.e if you need to update legal documents and contracts
  • Religious [ church documents like tithe cards, church cards etc]


Pro-tip: To make processes stress-free, be sure to request multiple copies of your marriage license. You’ll need them to update almost everything, and making a photocopy often won’t do – some places will require a certified copy.



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