Cindy & Agya: A Token of Love


“Marry a friend”, a statement we always hear — and it is true that the best marriages are first built on friendship. But do you know what also works? Marrying beside a friend.

This is nothing new if the current wedding trend is anything to go by. Most brides rally up their best of friends to walk down the aisle with, likewise grooms. No wonder the bridal party is mostly fun and backed with genuine energy. However, there are some instances where things go wrong, and some chosen friends ‘act up’ during the event.

Therefore it is important that friends ‘act as friends’ on your special day. So in this piece, we’d throw more light on what is expected from the bridal train — with focus on the groomsmen.

Agya with his fleet of loyal groomsmen



Whether you’re the groom’s good friend or a relative, your main duty is to be a constant support system for your buddy leading up to his wedding. So from the day you’re chosen to the last minute of the wedding day, here’s what is expected from you:


Help the groom make choices eg; pick the wedding ring

In the course of planning the wedding, the groom would certainly be making some purchases. For instance, before a groom even proposes marriage, he needs a ring. As a future groomsman, you have to be prepared to assist your buddy in making the right ring choice. Do some research and show up when he’s going ring shopping. You can also chip in with creative proposal ideas and advice. Also be ready to give fashion tips, especially when it comes to selecting wedding outfits.


Co-plan the Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties are a necessary part of the wedding plan these days. Often, the best man is the lead organizer for this party, but as a grooms man, you can give your two cents on dates, destinations, activities, restaurants and bars when asked. You are also responsible for your own bill at the party, when it comes down to it.


Attend ALL pre-wedding events

It’s easy to show up at the bachelor party because it’s all about having fun. The real test comes when you are needed at pre-wedding dinners, rehearsals and the like. This would help you get familiar with the wedding routine, while being a backbone to your friend in times of nervousness.


Funding eg; your outfit(s)

Being a groomsman is a great honor, no doubt. But it also comes with huge responsibility, financially. Just like bridesmaids, groomsmen are in charge of purchasing and tailoring their wedding attire. Luckily, men can easily rent a suit to cut costs. When emergencies rise during the event, a groomsman should be capable of paying up without question. Again, you must give a thoughtful gift; which also means doing some buying. Whatever the case may be, always be prepared to spend for your buddy’s sake.


Be on your best behaviour on the wedding day

Last but not least, when the day is here you have to be on your guard. Be prepared to serve as kind of an information centre and point person for any guests with questions. Usher them in and lend them a helping hand when needed. Act as a gentleman when relating with others at the event. Try to make everyone feel included by extending your friendliness beyond the bridesmaids. No pranks, drunkeness or any rowdy behaviors on that day please.



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