Frank & Magdalene: Season of Love


Christmas weddings are goals! Who doesn’t want to get married in a period where everyone’s in the merry-making mood? Everyone seems to be around ⁠— including those flying in for the holidays and the church is probably already decorated. So it’s the best time, right?

While it’s the most wonderful time of the year, there are still a few things to consider before planning a Christmas wedding. The pressure on existing venues, a surge in prices, choosing appropriate dates or even winter in honeymoon destinations, are a few limitations you could encounter.

Let’s talk about some ways to make it work regardless!


Groom flex featuring Frank 🙂 Photo by @chocolate_shot_it



Want to tie the knot during the festive season? Here are some tips to making it happen just the way you want it:


1. Plan early, really early

Christmas is the ‘hottest’ and busiest period in the calendar year, at least for event planners. So avoid all last minute arrangements ⁠— they would most likely flop.

You have to decide in time to book all relevant vendors for your event ⁠— more especially the venue. Venues are incredibly hard to find during Christmas. Make sure to not only book but commit to it by paying at least 20% of the rental fee. And if you plan on having a church wedding, do ensure to inform the necessary parties not less than four (4) months ahead. We all know how church activities get around this time.


2. Cut costs

It’s no surprise to have almost, if not all, wedding vendors raising their service fees during this period. Time is money; so clients make up for taking up their time this season. If you’re not prepared financially to cough up for the extra costs, then you have to find alternatives.

For instance, it may be pricier to book a fancy wedding venue in the heart of town. So, opt for space in your backyard or someone else’s. Organizing special décor for your event alone may cost an arm and a leg choose to mix it up with the Christmas décor. Throw in a Christmas tree and your wedding reception would then serve as a Christmas party too at lower costs.

Again, there’s already a lot of food going around in the season. Therefore, you can cut down on the food budget as well by serving fewer meals. No one’s going to be angry they were probably full before arriving!


3. No Big Days

Sure, it’s your ‘big day’ but it doesn’t have to collide with others’ big days. Consider your family and guests by avoiding days when everyone has plans.

25th December, for example, should NOT be selected. Instead, choose dates just around the season — any date between the start of the month and Christmas Day is ideal. The time of day you have your wedding also can affect cost. If you’re looking to cut down on the budget, a morning ceremony is a good idea brunch catering services tend to be less pricey.


4. Appreciate, the Christmas way

Most couples have gift packages for their guests. When assembling these souvenirs, try to use the Christmas theme to your advantage. The best part is, Christmas gifts are not hard to find; thus tend to cost less.

You can offer guests Christmas-related snacks like cookies, chocolates, mini wine bottles, balloons, Christmas hats, or even lights.


5. No Winter Honeymoons

Unfortunately, some popular honeymoon destinations are no-go areas in December/January. Hence if you want to enjoy your post-wedding moments with your spouse, prepare to settle for warmer areas.

In our article, ‘Awesome honeymoon venues in Ghana’, you can find some beautiful venues within Ghana which is relatively dryer and warmer in December. However, should you want to make that trip, you can read our piece, ‘Esi & August’s Special Moment’, which outlines ideal places to fly to depending on the time of the year.




  • Photography by: @chocolate_shot_it
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