Emmanuel & Agape: Hearts Forever


“The reason why I proposed was because he more or less forced me to…”

Behind every union is a beautiful yet untold love story. And when you do hear of them, they are either exaggerated, or some key details are omitted.

So in this piece, we are hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Agape tells her love story just the way it happened.
She narrates how she met her husband, Emmanuel, how their relationship grew and who popped the question!

Let’s hear it, shall we?

Agape with her ever beautiful smile on her wedding day



In 2008, when I was on vacation from secondary school, I had the chance to listen to a sermon from a man, who later became the love of my life. He preached during Youth Service that day on the topic of faith, and I thought to myself, “I want to be his friend.”

So after the service, I pressurized my friend, Yaa (who was already friends with him), to introduce me. We waited till everyone around him had left the hall, and then approached. Yaa said, “Hi Emmanuel, this is my friend Agape. She enjoyed your sermon and wants to be friends so you can help her with her Christian walk.” That was partly true, but for some reason, I immediately got shy about the situation and wasn’t sure if I could ever speak to him afterward.

However, what I like to refer to as ‘God’s Plan’, happened. A week later, I was home searching for something in my mother’s things when I saw a piece of paper with contact details of some people at church. Guess whose name and phone number was first on this list? Emmanuel’s! I was excited and said to myself, “Oh my God, this is God sent.”
So I wrote down the number somewhere and used my mother’s phone to call when she wasn’t looking 😀
Unfortunately, he did not answer 🙁

While I still had the phone to myself, he called back but I was too shy to answer so I let it ring all the way. I gathered the courage to text him about thirty minutes after to say I was busy and would call later. And we played hide and seek a couple of times before I finally picked up.
To make a long story short, we started talking from then and became the best of friends. Fast forward two years, we were both at a church camp together when Emmanuel asked me to see him for an important talk. I had no idea that was the day I’d be confessing my love for him…


Emmanuel & Agape after being pronounced husband and wife


He first asked me, “Do you like me?”, and in my confusion, I responded with, “What do you mean? Of course, I do, as a friend.” He kept beating about the bush with the question, “do you like like like me?” I guess the word “love” was too heavy for his lips. I realized his frustration and eventually answered ‘yes’, because it was how I truly felt. Emmanuel did the weirdest thing afterward telling me to excuse him to gather his thoughts. In fact, his exact words were “go and speak in tongues”. I was so embarrassed because I had literally proposed to him and he didn’t give an answer! Feeling embarrassed, I rushed out immediately with tears running down my cheeks. He called later that evening, I’m guessing to apologize, but I didn’t answer.

He made attempts to talk to me the following day but I refused to give him attention. Eventually we had to sit side-by-side in the bus and it was there he confessed his feelings for me as well, adding that he needed time to think and “pray”. I forgave him and we continued being friends but it was super awkward since then.

In 2014, Emmanuel paid a surprise visit to me in school and brought a gift that changed everything. He had bought me a brand new Samsung s3 (which was such a big deal then). In joy, I prepared some food for him. Unknowingly, he secretly wrote a poem (confession of his love) in my diary when I wasn’t watching. After his departure, he called about an hour later to tell me to read what he had written and to expect something later. I was so moved by the gesture that I cried… a lot. In the evening he sent me Banky W’s Yes/No song confirming what he had written in my diary – “Would I marry him?”

Fast forward to 2019, my dear Emmanuel heeded to his promise and made this entire journey worthwhile. Reality finally became better than my dreams and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That, everyone, is our beautiful love story…

Story by Mrs. Agape Osafo



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