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The way we communicate always sets the ball rolling. So it is better to get it right, in order for the ball to go in the correct direction.

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote on the topic; ‘The Language of Weddings’. Just as we mentioned previously, wedding planners have certain terminology they use and it is necessary to understand some of these. So today, we’d like to continue where we left off.

Let’s get to it!

Our beautiful bride for the week, Enam



The last time, we left it off on the term ‘Charger’, which we explained as “a larger plate that is used as the base of a place setting.”
This time, we’re moving on with terms beginning with the letters C-F.

1. Chuppah

Popular in the Jewish culture, the Chuppah is a structure consisting of a cloth canopy and four poles, under which a marriage is blessed. Although not too common here, a few wedding stylists recommend this for garden weddings over the traditional altars we’re used to.


2. Corsage

This is a single flower or spread of flowers attached to lace and either pinned to the front of a woman’s dress, or tied around her wrist. They are usually meant for mothers and grandmothers of the bride. For a modern take, the elastic is replaced with a metal cuff with flowers attached.


3. Cocktail Hour

Another element of western weddings, slowly becoming a common phenomenon here, is the cocktail hour. The Cocktail hour is a chance to mix, mingle, sip, and snack before the main reception starts. It usually happens right after the wedding ceremony, to set the tone for the real party ahead.


4. Destination Wedding

A more intimate wedding idea is a destination wedding. Also known as the ‘get out of town’ wedding, destination weddings are ones that occur somewhere other than the couple’s hometown. What qualifies as a destination is any location where you and your guests would rather have to book a hotel room instead of driving home at the end of the night. 

Furthermore, guests are often expected to foot their bills, hence the intimacy of it.


5. Day-Of Coordinator (DOC)

This is a wedding planner whose main responsibility is to manage affairs on the day of the wedding itself. This pro will take over the production and overseeing set-ups, making sure everything runs smoothly so you can focus on being the couple.


6. Escort Card

Escort cards are little cards that have the name of a guest and which table they are sitting at, written upon it. Often confused with place cards, escort cards are displayed at the entrance to the reception area, to direct each guest to their assigned dinner table.

There are also escort card displays, where table assignments are all displayed on one large board at the entrance, with guest names arranged either by table or in alphabetical order.


7. Fascinator

Fascinators are formal headpieces for women, a style of millinery, originally of lightweight knitted fabric. Bridesmaids love to rock them to stand out from the guests at the wedding.

They come in many sizes and designs these days and are truly a stunning touch to whatever outfit you wear. Be wary of an interesting myth that says fascinators are only worn at day, not at night.

Visit our wedding shop to view our vendors’ array of beautiful fascinators.


8. Favors

Favors are very common at traditional weddings. They are simply personalized take-home treats or gifts from the couple to their guests. They serve as a ‘thank you’ to them for their presence.


9. Flower Wall

A beautiful décor option is a flower wall. They are exactly what they sound like: Walls of flowers. These dramatic installations of florals and greenery make for a stunning ceremony backdrop, a more creative escort card display or a gorgeous photo booth for guests.

You could also add the initials of the couple’s names to the flower wall.


10. Fondant

Your wedding cake absolutely needs a fondant! They are used to give cakes a smoother and sleeker exterior. Made from sugar, syrup, and gelatine, fondants are probably the only beautiful decorations you can eat.





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