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All brides love to look good on their wedding day. But ‘looking good’ comes with its own work and commitment.

Usually before weddings, there’s SO much to do. From getting details right, to securing venues, trying on gowns etc; there’s little to no time left to focus on yourself. You could easily get lost in the process; that you might forget the necessary –which is nailing your appearance on the D-day!

However, with discipline and good planning, you can use these few beauty-related tips to your advantage. So take a moment to memorize this to-do list:


Jackie got that perfect wedding drip!



Planning your wedding can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but here’s a list to help you groom yourself  a week before your wedding:

1. NO New Routines

This first rule cannot be overemphasized! “No new products or treatments the week before,” stresses expert dermatologist Dendy Engelman. Save yourself the stress of an unwanted breakout, by staying away from any facial or skin experiments. If you have to try anything new, do it months before the wedding so you can control anything that goes wrong in time.


2. Concentrate on skin

Almost every bride wants flawless skin on their wedding day. Still some months prior, try to get a dermatologist to recommend some suitable treatments. They are in a better position to prescribe therapies that suit your skin type.

But do not worry if you cannot afford one. A simple exfoliating scrub can go a long way in giving your skin a refreshing appearance before the wedding. And you have Pinterest for all the cheap and easy scrub formulas 😉


3. Body care

With skin treatment out of the way, it’s now time to focus on the body. If you can afford a spa day, do get one. A massage is ideal for relaxing the muscles and nerves.

The other thing to consider is getting waxed. Waxing is good for removing excess hairs from the arms, legs and ‘bikini line’. Book an appointment with an expert or check the internet for trusted home waxing techniques. Remember the first rule though — do it about five to six days in advance, to let any inflammation and redness calm down. Also, get your brows trimmed intermittently so they take a certain shape by the wedding day.

Once again, if you cannot afford this, you can cross it off your list. No biggie.


4. Nail works

This one you absolutely have to do! Schedule for a pedicure and a manicure while the day draws close. “Getting a regular manicure is a good way to care for cuticles, nourish nails, and relax your mind,” beauty expert Amy Ling explained in an article by Brides.com.

Regular nail grooming is usually inexpensive and accessible, so no need for anything over the top. Experiment for nail lengths and color choices that you’d be comfortable in. Consider gel manicures — those ones do not ‘chip off’ easily.


5. Whip up your hair

Your hairdo is an essential part of your look. Arrange with your stylist to try different hairstyles, in advance, to find a perfect match for your face. A good stylist, however, can tell what would fit just by looking at you. So save yourself the stress by choosing a professional who has great reviews.

Quick tip: Touch up your hair, if required, 6-7 days to the wedding, to allow the scalp get restored when time is due.


6. Makeup trials

The best way to know which cosmetics is right for you, is by having a makeup trial beforehand. Most makeup artists recommend this when you hire them. But should they forget to, you have a right to request for one. Focus on eye makeup –eye shadow, faux lashes, brows etc should be tested out. And then obviously, foundation tones, lipstick and the likes, should be played with as well.

While you’re at this, consider doing an actual facial to give you that fresh look.



  • Lip exfoliation and dental care can give you some extra glow.
  • Pack an emergency makeup bag for when the need arises.
  • Hydrate! Drink lots of water because it is essential to general well-being.



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