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When working with professionals, it is only right to go prepared. Wedding terminologies are many; yet learning a few essential ones helps for a swift planning process.

Weeks ago, we started a thread of articles on the topic — ‘Language of Weddings’. Through this, we shared some of these terms and their meanings. For instance, in our recent blog, we spoke about flower walls which refer to “installations of florals and greenery that make for a stunning ceremony backdrop.”

Therefore, today we continue from where we left off, with terms beginning with the letters G-I.

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From G-I, here are some useful wedding terminologies:

1. Garland

Garlands are strands of greenery and flowers. For decoration, they can be wrapped on any surface at your wedding. Usually, stylists hang them on doorways, stairs, or railings, weave them around candles on tables, drape them across the front of the cocktail bar or string them from chandeliers. Some brides even wear them as headpieces instead of tiarras.  

2. Gift registry

A gift registry is the modern wish list! Couples sometimes choose to create these in order to ensure all gifts received from guests are things they actually need. They are often done online with websites, and links to the registries are sent to wedding guests in advance to help them shop.  

3. Gobo Lighting

Another addition to modern wedding decor is Gobo lighting. They are stencils placed on top of lights to create patterns that can be projected on floors or walls. The purpose is for adding depth and texture to the event’s lighting.

One interesting technique, would be to customize a gobo with your monogram to shine on the dance floor.  

4. Golden Hour

This is a photographer’s favorite moment. Since great lighting helps with visuals, the time just before sunset is referred to as “golden hour.” During this time, the light is soft and perfect for wedding portraits.  

5. Groom’s Cake

Yes, this is a real thing! While the wedding cake is the main treat for the night, brides should not forget to arrange for her ‘groom’s cake’. Traditionally, it’s a gift from the bride to the groom. This second cake is served at the reception and is typically more “playful” or themed.

With that in mind, they are made in a way that represents the groom’s personality and his interests. For instance, a football themed cake in the groom’s favorite flavor. And just like favors, the cake is cut up and put into boxes for guests to take home.  

6. Head Table

What we usually call the VIP or high table— where the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen dine together during the reception — is actually the ‘head table’. See it as the “altar” of the reception, if you will. The head table is centrally located — often right next to the dance floor for optimal toast viewing.  

7. Honeymoon

Honeymoons are basically holidays for newlyweds. They are taken after the wedding and could last weeks or months. The purpose of honeymoons is so the two can relax and focus on nothing but one another. See our recommended honeymoon destinations in Ghana.  

8. Installation

An installation is the general name given to floral chandeliers, flower walls, or other towering arrangements. They are dramatic in style and are used to make statements. Thus, they require a little more time and technique to put together, but the end result is incredible.

A single installation, matched with simple centerpiece designs, is enough to blow the minds of your guests.  

9. Invitation Suite

For a one-time announcement, an invitation suite serves the purpose. It includes everything you need to tell guests — the who, what, where, and when of your wedding. A suite typically includes a save the date, invitation, an RSVP card, and possibly an additional information card with details of a map, dress code or a weekend itinerary.  

10. In House Catering

Like the name suggests, in house catering means that the wedding’s dining is handled by your venue and not an outside vendor. An in-house team has the home court advantage, meaning they know the venue and how to operate in the space.



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