Esi & August’s Special Moment


When it comes to planning weddings, we think too much about everything. Yes, everything– especially things that concern our guests. But then we seem to forget, that the most important ones are us. After all is said and done, the guests go home and life continues.

For the couple, however, they still live in their magical moment…as it should be. Yet we still find couples that are stressed out even after the wedding. On rare occassions, they even argue. Then you begin to wonder if it was all worth it…

The lovely Esi and her king

This is where the honeymoon comes in. The essence of a honeymoon cannot be overemphasized. It’s that one time in the world when you can ditch work to play, and your boss would definitely approve! A period of relaxation, serenity, splurging, goofing and happiness. When you and your spouse can enjoy the reason for your union– your love.

But planning a honeymoon is no walk in the park…more like a walk in a jungle! There’s quite a number of things to consider. And you don’t want to go on this once-in-a-lifetime holiday, to come back disappointed…or broke. So here’s a short guide to help you plan an amazing honeymoon within your means.



1. Make a BUDGET

The first rule is to not break your bank! It’s true that the honeymoon is important but after spending that huge cheque on the wedding, you don’t have to further drain your accounts on this. Determine how much money you and your spouse can spend on the honeymoon. This will help you narrow down your choices. And if you’re lucky to get your honeymoon budget as a gift, make sure you’re being realistic with the spending. Don’t focus on Instagrammable moments to end up going broke!

2. Start early or use a travel agent

If you’re big on travelling and have enough experience, you can do this on your own. But if not, it’s advisable to hire a reliable agent to handle all the travel arrangments. Even if you’d like to have your honeymoon within your country, still hire an agent/ travel & tour group. They usually have the best suggestions you wouldn’t even think of. Remember that if you’re doing everything on your own, you should start early to snatch all the good hotel and flight deals.

3. Choose a destination

This sure is the easy part. You’ve probably been dreaming about this for years, so feel free. Choose wherever you want. But in selecting a destination, keep in mind the time of the year. Some destinations are all-year round friendly, but this is rare. I mean you can’t get married in December and choose Canada as a destination, get me? So do some research. Find out the activities and weather conditions in your dream travel location, at the time you’d want to travel. That’s why to avoid all this headache, it’s recommended to get an agent. Meanwhile this is what we know:

  • The Carribeans- Best time to visit is from December through to July.
  • Bora Bora- Best time to visit is from May through to October.
  • Maldives- Best time to visit is from November through to April.
  • Italy & Greece- Best time to visit is from May through to September.
  • Hawaii- An all-year round destination.
  • Africa- An all-year round destination.

4. Buy plane tickets and book hotels

If you’re a frequent flier, most airlines give you seat offers 11 months in advance. So take advantage of this if you qualify. Perhaps you could get a nonstop flight. Another option is to look for deals using search engines or flight booking websites. Those offers are real! Do same for the hotels. Try to book early as most luxury hotels get filled up early.

A few things to also note are that you should try to not copy anyone’s itinerary; remember to cut your coat to fit your body lol. Then again don’t trust Google reviews so much, they could lie. Try to contact people who have personally been to the destinations, to be very sure. Read bloggers’ reviews also. And the last thing is to be aware of hidden costs. Take along some extra, extra money to be safe.




7 years ago, love found its way into our hearts. It’s been an amazing journey filled with love and most of all lessons. I think the poets are right about the fact that love is a powerful tool, knows no boundaries and fights through it all.
I’m glad you were my first, vice versa and going to be each other’s forever.

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