Catering Masterpieces


There is no need to talk about the importance of food to humans. However, there is the need to stress on the role of delicious food at a wedding. It is a known fact that Ghanaians love their food. Typical Ghanaians would attend your wedding and rate it based on the availability, sufficiency, quantity and quality of the meals served. So it is crucial to pay attention to what edibles you present to your guests on your wedding day.

Now let’s talk about the main edible: The Wedding Cake. The Wedding Cake is probably the most craved for food item at a wedding. Everyone wants to take a bite of that cake; and this is because many believe that the taste of the cake depicts how “sweet and sour” marriage would be. Therefore, baking a wedding cake is nothing ordinary. There has to be a right balance of the beauty, size and taste to make everyone savor that one bite they’d get.

At Ghana Wedding Market, we only handpick the finest caterers to handle our cake orders. Our top-notch caterers bake absolutely delicious wedding cakes; ones you wouldn’t find anywhere else. No matter the flavor, we make it our priority to deliver the softest, creamiest yet beautifully decorated wedding cakes to suit your tastes. We also give solid advice to clients who have no idea on what flavor, design or size of cake to order.

In addition to yummy cakes, we provide mouth-watering food and cocktail mixes. GWM offers the best prepared Ghanaian and continental dishes to leave your guests completely in awe. Our mixologists are also properly skilled and experienced to refresh your guests with the best tasting cocktails you could ever imagine!


So wait no more. Go through our website and select whatever food/drink service you’d need.
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