Event Decoration

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Charles & Lina: A Complete Paradise

STEP IN THE NAME OF GLAM Blissfulness is the order of the day. Wedding ceremonies have to offer a moment of reverie, one way or the other. This is why planners, and vendors alike always recommend items and features that would give your special day a touch of...

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Jeffrey and Khadija: Ultimate Location

A UNIQUE SETTING "Every location has its sweet spot", a popular saying which explains it all. This goes to say that no matter the venue you choose, it definitely can come alive. However, the choice of venue makes, probably, the biggest impact on your wedding. The good...

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Wedding Organization

WEDDING ORGANIZERS & THEIR WORKS Weddings are the most memorable events in one's life. Some have it once, others twice...some even quadruple times. It is usually said that the wedding day is the perfect day for the bride. You'd think the most important element of...

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