Pastries by Consakey Bakery

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Consakey Bakery is a food vendor specialised in pastries and small chops.

We offer cost effective solutions to providing you with all your food needs for your events such as
Christenings, Weddings, Corporate Events, Parties etc….

2 reviews for Pastries by Consakey Bakery

  1. Nessa

    The best pastries i have tasted so far. I didn’t even need a drink to complement the various pastries i tried and for someone like me who loves taking drinks, it was such a big deal! Tasty and yet affordable pastries processed and sold in a neat environment. I was totally impressed. Kudos Consakey Bakery!

  2. Kwaku

    Amazing stuff at all cost.. I was hooked after my first taste of one of their rolls.

    Quality, Great taste and affordable

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