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Weddings to Remember

THE GLITZ AND THE GLAMOUR Kojo and Sima met through a mutual friend. They tied the knot five years after. Their bond had grown stronger... so when he popped the BIG question and she screamed ' YEEEES'!!! She knew she had found the perfect match... Now,they...

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Memories that last a lifetime

WORLD CLASS VISUALS "MAKE SURE THAT PHOTOGRAPHER DOESN'T DISAPPOINT YOU!!" These were the final words of the hired wedding planner and expert, to the couple that seemed overly ecstatic about the D-day. But they turned a deaf ear... The two lovebirds,...

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Wedding Themes for 2018

THEMES WE RECOMMEND THIS YEAR Every wedding ceremony is centered on a theme, believe it or not. Your wedding invitations, cake and favors are great ways to show off your wedding theme to guests. Over the years, themes have come and gone, but a few stayed too. Last...

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How to plan the perfect wedding

WEDDING PLANNING AT ITS BEST Planning a wedding is very tiresome. Even choosing a date can be a headache if you have no guidelines. In this article, GWM shares with you some tips and things to consider when preparing for that big day. Here it goes: As soon...

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Wedding Organization

WEDDING ORGANIZERS & THEIR WORKS Weddings are the most memorable events in one's life. Some have it once, others twice...some even quadruple times. It is usually said that the wedding day is the perfect day for the bride. You'd think the most important element of that...

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Catering Masterpieces

BEAUTIFUL WEDDING CAKES & MORE! There is no need to talk about the importance of food to humans. However, there is the need to stress on the role of delicious food at a wedding. It is a known fact that Ghanaians love their food. Typical Ghanaians would...

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Welcome to Ghana Wedding Market

THE NO. 1 ONLINE SHOP FOR ALL YOUR WEDDING NEEDS Ghana Wedding Market is a first-of-its-kind online wedding shopping platform. Over here, we offer merchandise, services and ideas you would need to have the wedding you've always wanted. What's more is we...

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